United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official photo of Todd Davis.
Dr. Todd Davis

Associate Professor of Chemistry

(719) 333-6001

Lori Davis-Perry
Dr. Lori Davis-Perry


(719) 963-2692

Dr Ryan Dawkins
Dr. Ryan Dawkins

Assistant Professor

Lieutenant Colonel Cookie Day

Instructor and Director of Advising

(719) 333-0618

Official Photo of Adrian de Freitas
Major Adrian de Freitas

Assistant Professor

Official photo of Dr. De La Harp (DFP)
Dr. Kimberly de la Harpe

Associate Professor of Physics

(719) 333-9719

de Souza Official Photo
Dr. Ismenia de Souza

Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

(719) 333-1787

Official photo of Dr. De Angelis (DFBL)
Dr. Karin De Angelis

Associate Professor

(719) 333-2994

Mr. Robert Decker


(719) 333-7987

Official Photo of Wilfred Dela Cruz
Lieutenant Colonel Wilfred Dela Cruz

Assistant Professor

Devin Della-Rose
Dr. Devin Della-Rosa

Associate Professor of Physics

(719) 333-3266

Dr. Daphne DePorres

Assistant Professor of Management

Official Photo of Randall Deppensmith
Lieutenant Colonel Randall Deppensmith

Deputy Department Head and Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(719) 333-2476

Official photo of Lieutenant General David A. Deptula (Ret.) (CCLD)
Lieutenant General (ret) David Deptula

General James R. Risner/Perot senior military scholar

(719) 333-0952

Marc Dippold
Dr. Marc Dippold

Anders Chair of Economics

(719) 333-8730

Official Photo of Heather Dougherty
Ms. Heather Dougherty

Instructor of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-4470