United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official Photo of Lt. Col. Clinton (DFC)
Lieutenant Colonel Tracy Clinton

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

(719) 333-4505

Official photo of Dr Joel Coffman
Dr. Joel Coffman

Associate Professor

(719) 333-7664

Damon Coletta
Dr. Damon Coletta

Professor of Political Science


Lt Col Collins
Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Collins

Director of Research & Assistant Professor of Astronautics

Compton (DFEG)
Dr. Andrew Compton

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-8735

Ebony Cook
Major Ebony Cook

Asst. Professor & Director of Academics

(719) 333-5372

Jeff Cook
Mr. Jeffrey Cook

Instructor of Economics and Geosciences

(719) 333-4984

Lt Col Cook
Lieutenant Colonel Justin Cook

Deputy Director, Geospatial Science & Sr. Instructor of Geosciences

(719) 333-2864

Dr. Amy Cooper
Dr. Amy Cooper

Assistant Professor of English & Fine Arts

(719) 333-8474

Official Photo of Phillip Cornwell
Dr. Phillip Cornwell



Official Photo of Noel Cote
Lieutenant Commander Noel Cote

Instructor of Biology

(719) 333-6002

Official Photo of Daniel Couch
Dr. Daniel Couch

Associate Professor of English


LTC Couch
Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Couch

Instructor of History

(719) 333-3230

Bret J. Cove
Lieutenant Colonel Bret J. Cove

Air University – USAFA Liaison Officer

(719) 333-8557

Dr. Craighead.
Dr. William D. Craighead

Assistant Professor of Economics

(719) 333-3078

Mr. Cranmer
Mr. Joel Cranmer

Control Systems Engineer

(719) 333-9226