United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official photo of Colonel Brian Neff
Colonel Brian J. Neff

Vice Dean for Academics & Permanent Professor

(719) 333-2958

Dr. Riley
Dr. John Riley

Senior Associate Dean & Professor of Political Science

(719) 333-2255

Official Photo of Colonel Daniel Finkelstein
Colonel Daniel Finkelstein

Director of Operations & Data

(719) 333-4470

Lt Gen (Ret) Bradford Shwedo
Lieutenant General (retired) Bradford Shwedo

Director, Institute for Future Conflict

Col Buchanan
Colonel David Buchanan

Department Head and Associate Professor

(719) 333-3930

Colonel James L. Cook
Colonel James L. Cook

Permanent Professor/Department Head

(719) 333-8652

Official photo of Colonel Cooney (DFBL)
Colonel Richard Cooney, Jr.

Permanent Professor and Head

(719) 333-2514

Official Photo of Cory Cooper
Colonel Cory A. Cooper

Department Head, Permanent Professor & Systems Engineering Board Chair

(719) 333-6266

Col Dietz
Colonel Matt Dietz

Department Head

(719) 333-3230

Col Dressler
Colonel Judson Dressler

Permanent Professor & Department Head

(719) 333-3590

Col Egan
Colonel Joshua Egan

Department Head &
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(719) 333-4213

Dr. Flaherty (CEI).
Dr. Robert Flaherty

Associate Dean for the Center of Educational Innovation

(719) 333-7990

Troy Harting
Colonel Troy Harting

Permanent Professor, Head of the Department of Management

(719) 333-4130

Colonel Steven Hasstedt
Colonel Steven Hasstedt

Permanent Professor/Department Head

(719) 333-2720

Col Hyland
Colonel Michael Hyland

Permanent Professor & Department Head

(719) 333-2960

Justin Joffrion
Colonel Justin Joffrion

Permanent Professor & Department Head

(719) 333-3080