United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official Photo of Thomas Swoveland
Colonel Thomas Swoveland

Dean of Faculty Chief Information Officer

(719) 333-8515

Ms. Dawn M.K. Zoldi
Ms. Dawn M.K. Zoldi

Deputy Director

(719) 333-4904

Dr. Jacob Adabi
Dr. Jacob Abadi

Professor of History

(719) 333-8612

Official photo of Dr. John J. Abbatiello (CCLD).
Dr. John J. Abbatiello

Division Chief, Research and Scholarship

(719) 333-0933

Official photo of Dr. Kreg Abshire
Dr. Kreg Abshire

Assistant Professor of English & Fine Arts

(719) 333-2730

Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Ahrens

German Liaison Officer to USAFA / Instructor of German / Chief, Franco-German Division


Official Photo of Aaron Albert
Dr. Aaron Albert

Assistant Professor of Economics

(719) 333-1749

Official photo of Col Albritton (DFCE)
Colonel Patrick Albritton

Deputy Department Head

(719) 333-2146

Colonel Jennifer Alexander
Colonel Jennifer Alexander

Permanent Professor and Head, Department of Economics & Geosciences

(719) 333-8725

Official Photo of Curtis Alexander
Major Curtis Alexander

Instructor of Political Science

(719) 333-3721

Col Thaddeus P Allen
Colonel Thaddeus P. Allen

Vice Director of Athletics


Official Photo of Erin Almand
Major Erin Almand

Basic Sciences Division Executive Officer & Assistant Professor of Biology

(719) 333-6029

Official photo of Professor Pam Aloisa
Professor Pam Aloisa

Professor of Art History and Art

(719) 333-8244

Captain Peter Amaddio

Instructor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

(719) 333-9768

Official photo of Dr. Donald Anderson
Professor Donald Anderson

Writer in Residence and Professor of English

(719) 333-8465

Official Photo of Michael Anderson
Dr. Michael Anderson

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(719) 333-4048