United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official photo of Major Wilkinson (DFM)
Major Sydney Wilkinson

Instructor of Management/Director, Cadet Summer Research Program

(719) 333-3122

Mark Williams
Captain Mark Williams


(719) 333-3131

Lieutenant Commander Nathan Williams

Instructor of Political Science

(719) 333-4247

Colonel Scott E. Williams
Colonel Scott E. Williams

Chair, Basic Sciences Division; Permanent Professor and Head, Department of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-4470

Lieutenant Colonel Shawn Willis

Assistant Professor of Physics

(719) 333-3637

Sandra Wilson
Lieutenant Colonel Sandra Wilson

Assistant Professor of Astronautics

(719) 333-2066

Micah Winkley
Captain Micah Winkley

Instructor of Political Science

(719) 333-3721

Official photo of TSgt Wise (DFCE)
Tech. Sgt. Andrew Wise

Field Engineering and Readiness Laboratory NCOIC

(719) 333-0391

Dr. Charles Wisniewski


(719) 333-5182

Official photo of Dr. Witzel
Dr. Joel Witzel

Instructor of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

(719) 333-2325

Official photo of Robert Wolverton
Dr. Robert Wolverton

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-3752

David Won Official Photo
Captain David Won

Instructor of Management

(719) 333-2673