United States Air Force Academy

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Economics & Geosciences Faculty

Aaron Albert
Dr. Aaron Albert

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-1749

Colonel Jennifer Alexander
Colonel Jennifer Alexander

Permanent Professor and Head, Department of Economics & Geosciences

(719) 333-8725

Official photo of Benson (DFEG)
Dr. Cassandra Benson

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-8749

Official photo of Compton (DFEG)
Dr. Andrew Compton

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-8735

Official photo of Jeff Cook
Mr. Jeffrey Cook

Instructor of Economics and Geosciences

(719) 333-4984

Official photo of Dr. Craighead.
Dr. William D. Craighead

Assistant Professor of Economics

(719) 333-3078

Marc Dippold
Dr. Marc Dippold

Anders Chair of Economics

(719) 333-8730

Official photo of Dr. Edson (DFEG)
Dr. Curtis Edson

Assistant Professor of Geospatial Science

(719) 333-0926

Official photo of Captain Gibbons
Captain Austin Gibbons

Instructor of Meteorology

(719) 333-9492

Official photo of Dr. Steven J. Gordon
Dr. Steven Gordon

Associate Professor of Geosciences

(719) 333-3067

Jill Harris
Dr. Jill Harris

Deputy Department Head and Associate Professor of Economics

(719) 333-8746

Dr. Thomas KoehlerLt Col Ian Irmischer
Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army) Ian Irmischer

Director of Geosciences

Official photo of Dr. Thomas Koehler
Dr. Thomas Koehler

Associate Professor of Meteorology

(719) 333-8712

Official photo of Kelly Lemmons
Dr. Kelly Lemmons

Assistant Professor of Geosciences

(719) 333-8728

Official photo of Dr. Bruce Linster
Professor Bruce Linster

Professor of Economics

(719) 333-8732

Michael Lucchesi
Mr. Michael Lucchesi

Assistant Professor of Economics