United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official Photo of Noel Cote
Lieutenant Commander Noel Cote

Instructor of Biology

(719) 333-6002

Official Photo of Daniel Couch
Dr. Daniel Couch

Assistant Professor of English


Major Christy Coulombe
Major Christy Coulombe

Instructor of Management

(719) 333-9813

Official photo of Dr. Craighead.
Dr. William D. Craighead

Assistant Professor of Economics

(719) 333-3078

Official photo of Dr. Cress (DFP)
Dr. Ryan Cress

Director of Nuclear Science / Assistant Professor of Physics

(719) 333-3272

Official Photo of Aaron Cross
Major Aaron Cross

Instructor of Military & Strategic Studies

(719) 333-3561

Cullenbine Official Photo
Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Cullenbine

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-1411

Official photo of Major Culver (DFPS)
Major Christopher Culver

Assistant Professor of Political Science

(719) 333-8214

Official photo of Dr. Cummings DFAN
Dr. Russell Cummings

Professor of Aeronautics

(719) 333-9223

Official Photo of Joseph Currin
Dr. Joseph Currin

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-9982

Official photo of Lieutenant Colonel James Cutchin
Lieutenant Colonel James Cutchin

Instructor of Military & Strategic Studies

(719) 333-9410

Cynthia Cycyota Official Photo
Dr. Cynthia Cycyota

Professor of Management

(719) 333-2341

Scott Dahlke
Dr. Scott Dahlke

Professor of Astronautics

(719) 333-4462

Official photo of Captain Dale (DFM)
Major Elizabeth Dale

Executive Officer and Senior Instructor of Management

(719) 333-9713

Kevin Davis Official Photo
Dr. Kevin Davis

Professor / Director of Assessment

(719) 333-8045

Official photo of Lt Col Davis (DFMS)
Lieutenant Colonel Matt Davis

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-3419