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Dr. Lynne Chandler Garcia

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

Lynne Garcia
Contact Information

(719) 333-3720




Lynne Chandler Garcia is an assistant professor of political science where she teaches classes in the fields of American Politics and Foreign Policy. Before coming to the Air Force Academy, she was a military analyst for the U.S. Army studying current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is involved in local civics and serves on a number of boards in the community, believing strongly in the power of civic participation and engagement.


Ph.D., Political Science: University of Maryland, College Park

Master of Arts, Political Science: University of Maryland, College Park

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Economics, Gonzaga University

Professional Experience

U.S. Army Military Analyst for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

Curriculum Specialist for the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative

Faculty Advisor for the QUAD Innovation Program

Leadership Pikes Peak Member, Immersive Game-Based Learning Team, Pikes Peak Community College

Research and Scholarly Interests

Political engagement and participation, American political thought, foreign policy, and teaching pedagogy


US Army Combat Studies Institute On Point Series, Volumes II-V, US Combat Studies Institute A Different Kind of War Series, Volumes I-VI, “Social Capital in the Interagency Environment in Iraq,” The Interagency Journal of the Simon’s Center.