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Learn the hardware design skills to develop modern computers and control systems, as well as the knowledge to integrate the algorithm-design skills of computer scientists to take a true “systems” view toward computing design.

About Us

The 21st century is an increasingly electrical one, both on the battlefield and in the workplace. Without electrical engineers, modern computers, control systems or even high-fidelity sound systems would not be possible. Computer engineers combine the hardware-design talents of an electrical engineer with the algorithm-design skills of a computer scientist to take a true “systems” view toward computing design.

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers five areas of study:

  1. Electronics – focuses on electronic design, components and applications; ideal for cadets interested in graduate studies in electrical engineering, physics, medicine or other technical fields
  2. Communications – helps cadets understand satellite communications and systems, telephones, stealth technology and advanced radar systems
  3. Computer Systems – explores fundamentals and advanced concepts of modern computer systems and digital hardware design
  4. Controls – emphasizes the analysis and design of automatic control systems; includes courses taught by the Department of Astronautics <link>
  5. Universal Area – allows cadets to take any two electrical engineering options

Regardless of the field you chose, one thing is clear, your knowledge and skills will be in high demand both in the Air Force and in public and private industries. Set your career off on the best foot with the United States Air Force Academy’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering—ranked #7 by U.S. News’ Best Colleges List.

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Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty and Staff

Majors & Minors

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Systems Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering Depth

The Computer, Electrical and Systems Engineering majors are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

Department News News From Around The Department

March 20, 2017

CyberWorx achieves initial operational capability

By John Van Winkle, U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs / Published March 06, 2017.   U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Air Force CyberWorx achieved initial operational capability, Air Force officials announced last month. CyberWorx is an Air Force-level entity focused on technological and human innovation in the cyber realm with emphasis on developing public-private partnerships. As the Air Force’s cyber innovation center, CyberWorx is a new venture for the Air Force, designed to meld Air Force, academic and industry expertise to provide rapid, creative and agile solutions to maintain freedom of action in the evolving and contested cyber...

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