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Behavioral Sciences & Leadership Faculty

Official photo of Colonel Cooney (DFBL)
Colonel Richard Cooney, Jr.

Permanent Professor and Head

(719) 333-2514

Ebony Cook
Major Ebony Cook

Asst. Professor & Director of Academics

(719) 333-5372

Official Photo of Joseph Currin
Dr. Joseph Currin

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-9982

Christopher D'Lauro
Dr. Christopher D'Lauro

Associate Professor

(719) 333-9015

Official photo of Dr. De Angelis (DFBL)
Dr. Karin De Angelis

Associate Professor

(719) 333-2994

MSgt Earley
Master Sergeant James Earley


(719) 333-9016

Official photo of Dr. Hack (DFBL)
Dr. Elissa Hack

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-9982

Steven Jones
Dr. Steven Jones

Professor of Behavioral Sciences

(719) 333-2884

Dr. Katayama
Dr. Andrew Katayama

Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

(719) 333-1313

Christopher Kelley
Dr. Christopher Kelley

Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership

(719) 333-3056

Official photo of Dr. Kelty
Dr. Ryan Kelty


(719) 333-0075

Ken King
Lieutenant Commander Ken King


(719) 333-9372

Gloria Kuzmicki
Senior Master Sergeant Gloria Kuzmicki


(719) 333-1311

Gina LeValley
Captain Gina LeValley


(719) 333-4256

Official photo of Dr. McCone
Dr. Dave McCone

Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

(719) 333-1310

Amanda Metcalfe
Ms. Amanda Metcalfe

Asssistant Professor

(719) 333-3056