United States Air Force Academy

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Ring Dance

Cadets at Ring Dance

Ring Dance is a milestone event for two-degree cadets that traditionally takes place at the beginning of graduation week, towards the end of their junior year.

The evening starts with dinner at Mitchell Hall where the class crest is unveiled and cadets receive their ring. The cadets then transition to Arnold Hall where they celebrate with a formal ball.

Each class designs its own crest, and it includes all the design elements from the Class of 1959. These are the class number, class year, the North Star, and an eagle. Classes may add other elements that represent their class such as their motto, the American flag, prop and wings, saber and aircraft.

One side of the ring contains the class crest, and the other side has the Academy crest. Both sides are united by the words United States Air Force Academy that circle the stone at the top.

Until graduation, cadets wear the ring with the crest facing inward, closest to their heart. Following graduation, the ring is turned so the crest is closest to the heart of the officer ready and willing to protect and defend the nation using the training they received at the Academy.

Unveiling Class Seal

Ring on cadet's hand

Cadets on Terrazzo

Did you know?

The U.S. Air Force Academy began the class ring tradition with the first class in 1959. It is the only service academy to have class rings for every class since its inception. We also distinguish ourselves as being the only service academy that uses white gold instead of yellow.

Each ring is unique since individual cadets work with the manufacturer to choose their gemstone and on the inside, they can add an engraving such as their squadron patch or a quote.