United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Catherine Brewer
Major Catherine Brewer


(719) 333-9415

Official photo of Major Jadonna Brewton
Major Jadonna Brewton

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-9704

Official photo of Dr. Michael Brilleslyper
Dr. Michael Brilleslyper

Professor of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-9514

Rachael Britton
Ms. Rachael Britton

Research Administrative Assistant

(719) 333-4195

Official Photo of Kathryn Brosseau
Major Kathryn Brosseau

Executive Officer DFB, Instructor of Biology

(719) 333-1660

Official Photo of Jamil Brown
Major Jamil Brown

Institute for Future Conflict Fellow

(719) 333-8252

Joel Brown
Lieutenant Colonel Joel Brown

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-1590

Robert Brown
Dr. Robert Brown

Professor of Astronautics

(719) 333-4454

Dr. Bryant (CEI).
Dr. Robert Bryant

Director of Educational Technology

(719) 333-3395

Dr. Rich Buckley

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-3438

Cherie Buday
Major Cherie Buday

Instructor of Management


Emily Bulger
Lieutenant Colonel Emily Bulger

Assistant Professor of Management

(719) 333-9813

Official photo of John Buquoi (DFC)
Lieutenant Colonel John Buquoi

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

(719) 333-6077

Ryan Patrick Burke
Dr. Ryan Burke

Deputy Department Head - Curriculum

(719) 333-9412

Keith Burton
Captain Keith Burton


Dan Burtz
Lieutenant Colonel Dan Burtz

Deputy Department Head

(719) 333-6861