United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official Photo of Jeffrey Biller
Mr. Jeffrey Biller

Assistant Professor of Cyber Law and Policy

(719) 333-7345/9152

Major Birrer
Major Bobby Birrer

Cyber Science Branch Chief and Associate Professor

(719) 333-7951

Official Photo of David Blanks
Mr. David Blanks

AFRL Liaison to USAFA

(315) 271-6520

Official Photo of Dr. Lance Blyth
Dr. Lance Blyth

Adjunct Professor

(719) 554-6950

Official Photo of John Bode
Mr. John Bode

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-1746

Paul Bolt
Dr. Paul Bolt

Professor of Political Science

(719) 333-2219

Lt Col Bongioanni
Lieutenant Colonel Vincent I. Bongioanni

Geotechnical Division Chief and Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

(719) 333-9119

Kristina A.R. Book
Ms. Kristina A.R. Book

Instructor/ Manager of the USAFA Outdoor Leadership Complex (OLC)

(719) 333-6768

Capt Born
Captain Matthias Born


(719) 333-6064

Dr. Boutell
Dr. Matthew Boutell

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Dr. Dennis J. Bouvier

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Lt Col Bowers
Lieutenant Colonel James Bowers

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-3269

Dr. Boyd (DFF)
Professor David Boyd

Assistant Professor of Chinese

(719) 333-4985

Capt Bramwell-Boose
Captain Tanisha Bramwell-Boose

Assistant Professor of Law

(719) 333-2165

Kristine Brands
Dr. Kristine Brands

Assistant Professor of Management

(719) 333-1097

Dr. Steve Brandt


(719) 333-2207