United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Maj Taylor
Major Troy Taylor

Deputy Department Head

(719) 333-2833

Dr. Ternovski
Dr. John Ternovski

Assistant Professor & Analyst

(719) 333-3021

Julie Tetley
Dr. Julie Tetley

Chief, Academic Advising and First-year Programs / Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences

(719) 333-8973

Spencer Thomas
Mr. Spencer Thomas

Director, Strategies for Academic Success Program

(719) 333-8656

Maj Tice
Major Philip Tice

Assistant Professor and International Programs Manager

(719) 333-3466

Dr. Tingle
Dr. Anthony Tingle

Program Director

(719) 333-1217

Lt Col Toms
Lieutenant Colonel Kathryn Toms

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-8642

Maj Torielli
Major Camille Torielli

Instructor of Geosciences

(719) 333-9492

Dr. Thomas D. Torkelson, Col (ret.), USAF
Dr. Thomas Torkelson

Deputy Director, Center for Character and Leadership Development

(719) 333-4904

Lieutenant Colonel Chad Tossell
Lieutenant Colonel Chad Tossell

Professor & Senior Military Faculty

(719) 333-3132

Maj Toussaint
Major Lesly Toussaint

International Education Program Manager & Instructor of French

(719) 333-6020

Official Photo of Kevin Treat
Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Treat

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-4470

Lt Col Tretter
Lieutenant Colonel Brant C. Tretter


(719) 333-9410

Lt Col Trimble
Lieutenant Colonel James Trimble

Deputy Department Head &
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(719) 333-2476

Lt Col Trimble
Lieutenant Colonel Meridee Trimble

Director of International Programs & Assistant Professor of Japanese

(719) 333-3870

Dr. Andrea Trocha-Van Nort

Professor of English & Fine Arts

(719) 333-1894