United States Air Force Academy

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Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Michael Anderson
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Anderson

Deputy Department Head, Associate Professor of Engineering Mechanics

(719) 333-4048

Lubov Andrusiv
Dr. Lubov Andrusiv

Associate Professor of Engineering Mechanics

(719) 333-9095

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bradley

Instructor / Military Division Chief of Engineering Mechanics

(719) 333-7946

Bio of Ralph Bush
Dr. Ralph Bush

Professor of Engineering and Mechanics

(719) 333-7940

Captain Anthony Castello

Instructor of Engineering Mechanics

(719) 333-3609

Bio of Cory Cooper
Lieutenant Colonel Cory A. Cooper

Department Head, Permanent Professor

(719) 333-6266

Official photo of Captain Deutsch
Captain Matthew Deutsch

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-1314

Bio of Ioan Feier
Dr. Ioan Feier

Assistant Professor of Engineering Mechanics

(719) 333-1315

Official photo of Dr. Greer (DFEM)
Dr. James Greer

Technical Director, Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension (CAStLE); Associate Professor

(719) 333-3618

Bio of Evan Hanks
Major Evan Hanks

Instructor of Mechanical Engineering/Lab Director

(719) 333-1914

Official photo of Kevin Knapp
Captain Kevin Knapp


(719) 333-2157

Ms. Lucinda Matteson

CAStLE Cost Center Manager

(719) 333-8507