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Think strategically and creatively in order to lead and operate across the spectrum of conflict throughout the globe.

About Us

The Department of Military & Strategic Studies (MSS) prepares cadets to lead and operate across the spectrum of conflict throughout the globe. We develop operational leaders versed in the relevant context, theory, and application of the military instrument of power in the contemporary environment. Dealing with uncertainty, MSS courses emphasize intellectual power, grit, and non-linear thinking that advances beyond traditional problem solving. This versatile program helps cadets develop the capabilities and mindset to compete successfully in a changing and challenging world.

Military & Strategic Studies Faculty & Staff

Military & Strategic Studies cadets and faculty are engaged warrior-scholars contributing to and advancing the discussion in myriad methods and venues. MSS faculty publish and present research in academic presses, international journals, as well as at conferences and events worldwide. Faculty research has been featured on national TV in addition to numerous online and print mediums. MSS faculty have also been selected for and attended the prestigious Philip Merrill Center Teachers’ Workshop hosted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Basin Harbor, VT, and the Summer Workshop on Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy (SWAMOS) hosted by Columbia University’s Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies (SIWPS). In addition to their research contributions, MSS faculty are accomplished teachers using modern pedagogical practices to engage cadets in the classroom environment.

Accomplished faculty mentor successful cadets. MSS graduates have gone on to elite graduate programs at Columbia University, Georgetown University, King’s College London, and more. Additionally, MSS cadets have published research in peer-reviewed journals; had their projects featured on national TV; and participated in summer research experiences in China, Hong Kong, Washington DC and other locations worldwide. MSS cadets often earn distinguished graduate status by graduating in the top 10% of their class, and many go on to serve continued distinguished careers both in and out of the Air Force.

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