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Think strategically and creatively in order to lead and operate across the spectrum of conflict throughout the globe.

About Us

The Department of Military & Strategic Studies prepares cadets to lead and operate across the spectrum of conflict throughout the globe. We develop servant-leaders who exemplify the warrior ethos. Primed to conquer uncertainty, our cadets’ intellectual power, grit and non-linear thinking leapfrogs traditional problem solving to advance the limits of what’s possible. This versatile program has will help cadets develop the capabilities and mindset to compete successfully in a changing and challenging world.

Military & Strategic Studies cadets and faculty have participated in programs such as Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Crisis and Engagement Exercise at University of Denver’s Korbel School, Hertog Summer Study Program at Johns Hopkins University, and Institute of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research at Syracuse University, and graduate school programs at Columbia University and Northwestern University.

Additionally, cadets have participated in Virtual Flag at Kirtland Air Force Base’s Distributed Mission Operations Center, and Tuft University’s SIMULEX crisis response exercise, where they work the relevant professionals and graduate students. Cadets have also participated in exchange semesters at other institutions, including Nanjing University in China.

Military & Strategic Studies Faculty & Staff


The Department of Military & Strategic Studies operates and maintains the Air Warfare Laboratory (AWL) that features 12 Visual Flight Simulators to support cadet learning. Annually, the AWL provides more than 2,000 simulator hours to nearly 3,000 cadets, while also supporting other Academy programs, including:

  • Summer Scientific Seminar
  • Aviation Camp
  • Parents’ Weekend
  • Cadet Aviation Club

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