United States Air Force Academy

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Military & Strategic Studies Faculty

Tom Swaim
Colonel Tom Swaim

Department Head

(719) 333-3550

Mr. Beyerly
Mr. Bruce Beyerly


Paul Bezerra
Dr. Paul Bezerra

Assistant Professor of Military & Strategic Studies

(719) 333-3974

Catherine Brewer
Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Brewer

Instructor & Multi-Domain Laboratory Director

(719) 333-9415

Ryan Patrick Burke
Dr. Ryan Burke


(719) 333-9412

Lt Col Crawford
Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Crawford

Assistant Professor & Chief, Curriculum and Integration

(719) 333-9033

Aaron Cross
Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Cross

Director of Staff

(719) 333-7066

John Farquhar
Dr. John T. Farquhar

Associate Professor of Military & Strategic Studies

(719) 333-9435

Michael Fowler
Dr. Michael Fowler

Associate Professor and Personnel Rep

(719) 333-3255

Lt Col Georgiafandis
Lieutenant Colonel Kayla Georgiafandis


(719) 333-3561

CDR Gerla
Commander Andrew Gerla


(719) 333-3547

Danielle Gilbert
Dr. Danielle Gilbert

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-6056

Michael Golembesky
Mr. Michael Golembesky

Multi-Domain Laboratory Operations Manager

(719) 333-9243

Mark Grotelueschen
Dr. Mark E. Grotelueschen

Deputy Department Head for Academics

(719) 333-3550

Donnie Hodges
Lieutenant Colonel Donnie Hodges

Deputy Department Head

(719) 333-9437

Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk
Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk

Adjunct Instructor

(719) 333-9437