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The Let’s Be Clear campaign aims to effect a culture reset at the U.S. Air Force Academy to drive down the prevalence of sexual harassment and violence. We are developing actions, policies and programs that will re-center Academy culture around dignity and respect. We are focusing on a preventative stance, where we stop these actions from ever happening.

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Sexual harassment and violence degrades our readiness as warfighters today and in the future and have no place at the Academy. We are committed to developing, educating and protecting every student who attends this institution against sexual harassment and violence.

There is nothing that erodes trust and tears down teams faster than sexual harassment and violence. Our mission is to develop leaders of character and we do not tolerate these actions at our Academy.

We believe that effective teams accelerate accountability and we are shortening timelines for investigations and increasing options for commanders to hold offenders accountable. We are knocking down barriers to reporting and ensuring our accountability actions are transparent and shared across the institution. As part of this initiative, up-to-date disciplinary actions are available in the transparency bulletin.

Let’s Be Clear promotes a culture of dignity and respect to ultimately reduce the prevalence of sexual harassment and violence.

Lt Gen Clark with Encouraged to Report

Download the flyers below for use as needed in promoting awareness of the Let’s Be Clear campaign.