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United States Air Force Academy


Here we have a unique perspective on what it means to be a great leader. Every cadet is encouraged to be as creative as they are courageous and as curious as they are strong.

Studying Abroad: Embracing New Cultures and Militaries

Cadets Reese Wendfeldt and Ryne Rae examine the similarities and differences studying abroad at the Japanese Defense Academy with guest Camaren Ly.



Intercollegiate Tennis Player Scores Job with Space Force

Cadets Reese Wendfeldt and Ryne Rae explore the challenges of mastering intercollegiate sports and military training with guest TJ Fumagalli.



Balancing Presidential Ambitions with College Clubs

Cadets Reese Wendfeldt and Ryne Rae discover the diversity of clubs offered at the Academy with guest DJ Miller.



From Social Butterfly to Skydiving into Football Games

Cadets Reese Wendfeldt and Ryne Rae dive into the Wings of Blue parachute team with guest Olivia Gillingham.



Air Force Academy Employee Celebrates 50 Years of Success

When 10th Contracting Squadron employee Ms. Carol Mohr reported to work on March 5, 1970, she had no idea that she would be sitting down with Lt Gen Jay Silveria 50 years later discussing her memorable career at the Air Force Academy.

Preparation Through Athletics: Using Competition and Physical Fitness to Groom Cadet Candidates

The Air Force Academy Preparatory School mission is to motivate, prepare, and evaluate selected candidates in order to perform successfully at the Air Force Academy. Lt Col Sean Tiernan, Prep School Athletic Director, is using athletics to consciously get all preppies ready for their experience at USAFA, and make them accountable for their own progress.

Peak Performance: Maintaining Your Physical and Mental Advantage

Major Dylan Small explains how the Peak Performance Center helps cadets understand their physical and mental performance, how they are continuously testing the limits of their abilities, and how to manage the stress that derives from that valuation.

Legacy at the Airfield: Bob Reilman Takes Cadets to New Heights

When it comes to flying a tow-plane at the Academy, you won’t find anyone more experienced than Bob Reilman. As a 1972 USAFA grad and tow-plane pilot with more than 20,000 tows, Bob has watched the continual, massive growth and progress at USAFA’s airfield.

The Machine of Mitchell Hall: Brooks Ford Fuels Cadets with Nutrition

Did you know Mitchell Hall is one of the largest and most advanced dining facilities in the world? Mitchell Hall nutrition program director, Brooks Ford, ensures 4,000 cadets have access to nutritious food while arming them with diet education.