United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Maj Tubbs
Major Travis Tubbs

Personnel Officer &
Assistant Professor of Biology

(719) 333-3722

Heidi Tucholski
Lieutenant Colonel Heidi Tucholski

Assistant Professor of Operations Research

Dr. Tucker
Dr. Eric Tucker

Director of Consulting and Associate Professor of Management

(719) 333-8561

L. William Uhl
Lieutenant Colonel L. William Uhl

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-8666

Lt Col Umholtz
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Umholtz


(719) 333-3728

Captain Anthony Vahling


(719) 333-9117

Lt Van Cleave
Lieutenant Samantha Van Cleave


(719) 333-4879

Paul Vergez
Dr. Paul Vergez

Professor of Astronautics

(719) 333-2668

Lt Col Vick
Lieutenant Colonel Steven Vick

Assistant Professor & Construction Division Chief

(719) 333-2054

Dr. Peter Villella

Associate Professor of History

(719) 333-3634

Robert Vincent
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Vincent

Assistant Professor of Physics

(719) 333-0128

Maj Voor
Major Christin Voor

Instructor of Aeronautics

(719) 333-2279

Hisaaki Wake
Dr. Hisaaki Wake

Assistant Professor of Japanese

(719) 333-8695

Ms. Walker
Ms. Madison Walker

Space Policy Fellow, Institute of Future Conflict &

(719) 333-6568

James Walliser
Lieutenant Colonel James Walliser

Director, Systems Engineering Program

(719) 333-2514

Capt Walls
Captain Matthew Walls

Deputy Program Director &
Instructor of Systems Engineering

(719) 333-3545