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Doolie Day Out 2024

Cadet hugging sponsor.

Saturday, July 27, 2024
Deadline to request participation: July 1, 2024

This summer event is not to be missed!

Doolie Day Out is a single day event allowing basic cadets to leave the U.S. Air Force Academy for the first time since beginning Basic Cadet Training. Basic Cadets will interact with local sponsor families while boosting their morale and building resiliency.

We are now taking requests to participate in this one-day event. Don’t wait, sign up now or register to be a sponsor family for our cadets.

Please send us a short email with the below information to cadet.sponsor@afacademy.af.edu:

  1. Sponsor Family Full/Registered Names
  2. By-Name Requests; please provide appointee’s full name
  3. Number of Cadets you would like to host on Doolie Day Out
  4. Gender Preference ( M / F / No gender preference)
  • If you’re currently sponsoring cadet candidates at the Prep School, you will need to “by-name request” to host/sponsor through our program as they are not automatically assigned. No information transfers from the Prep School.
  • Recruited athletes will spending Doolie Day Out with their coaches. They will not be assigned to families.
  • Must have a current training date (within 3 years) before cadets are assigned. *Please contact our office if you are unsure of your last training date.
  • If you have not provided your driver’s license numbers for annual background checks, please include these in your email so we can ensure our records are current.
  • Doolie Day Out Event instructions and lists of cadets will be sent to participating families by July 20th.

Learn more about the Cadet Sponsor Program and check out the sponsor program handbook.