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Social Sciences Division

Behavioral Sciences & Leadership

Lays the foundation for the understanding of yourself, others, and how groups work together.  Concentrations within this program are psychology, sociology, leadership, human factors, and the health professions.


No matter what you do in life, there is one irrefutable fact: you’ll be working with other people. Therefore, your success in any field will depend largely on your understanding of yourself and others and your ability to work together. The study of Behavioral Sciences lays the foundation for this understanding.

Behavioral Sciences & Leadership Faculty

The United States Air Force Academy Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership has roughly 40 faculty members who, in addition to curricular efforts, support the Dean of the Faculty, the Cadet Training Wing and other DoD agencies in leadership training and development, work climate assessment and military training. The department also conducts Air Force-relevant research benefiting the development of cadets, supporting the needs of the Air Force, and contributing the disciplinary body of knowledge.


  • Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Possible Concentrations: Clinical/Counseling Psychology | Experimental Psychology | Leadership | Sociocultural | Human Factors | Health Profession
Cadet Resources

This department runs several Leadership Development programs

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