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Brand and Style Guide

Air Force Academy Band


Our brand goes beyond a logo. It represents our core values, our academic distinction and our unique approach to leadership development. Our brand lets people know our most valuable assets are not planes or satellites – they are the exceptional cadets, staff and faculty we attract. It’s who we are, how we behave and the decisions we make. Internally, our brand provides clarity and focus. Externally, it communicates the U.S. Air Force Academy experience.

There are multiple components of our visual brand style including logo, color palettes, fonts and photo/video style. Used together, these create a common visual platform for telling the Academy story. The following pages outline the brand assets, where to find them and how to use them.

The contents of this guide will serve to inform permanent party, cadets, contractors, nonprofit partners and vendors tasked with communicating with our internal and external audiences. Adherence to this guide is mandated by the Superintendent via the U.S. Air Force Academy Branding and Trademark Policy, available for review at Supt-GM-Branding.pdf.

Request design services

Faculty and staff in need of professional graphic design support provided by the Marketing Division of the Directorate of Strategic Communications must submit form AF833 to graphics@afacademy.af.edu. This form, brand assets and other marketing services can be found at www.usafa.edu/marketing.

Request brand assets

External contractors, agencies and vendors in need of brand assets must submit detailed requests to the Marketing Division of the Directorate of Strategic Communications at usafa.branding@afacademy.af.edu