United States Air Force Academy

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Integrated Community, Disciplinary Expertise, Innovative Research

Academy Scholars Program

As a member you will:
  • Embark on a Unique and Challenging Path Through the Core Curriculum
  • Foster Interdisciplinary Thinking and Develop Communication Skills
  • Explore and Discuss Primary Sources with th eASP’s Expert Faculty
  • Join an Intimate and Motivated Learning Community (50 per Class)
  • Receive Funding to Pursue Research Opportunities Outside of the Classroom
  • Prepare Yourself for Higher Education Opportunities and Scholarships
  • Direct and Participate in Various Community Service Projects
Application Process
Receive invitation to information Session Based on Prog GPA

Attend Information Session

Complete Written Application

1) Demonstrate Knowledge of ASP Goals

2) Articulate Academic Interest Extending Beyond Curriculum Requirements

ASP Faculty Review Applications

Notification of Acceptance Enroll in Spring ASP Courses

Begin Pursuing Many Opportunities that ASP Offers

Current Course Offerings


Physics 215S
History 100S
English 211S
History 300S
Philosophy 310S
English 400S
SocSci 495S
Economics 201S
Political Science 211S
Law 220S
SocSci 412S


Physics 110S
Math 300S
CompSci 110S
Aero 315S
History 100S
English 200S
Engrmech 220S
History 300S
SocSci 495S
Behavioral Science 110S
Political Science 211S
Law 220S
MSS 251S
Management 400S

Contact Us

Director: Dr. Andrea Van Nort

Basic Sciences: Dr. Kimberly De la Harpe

Engineering: Dr. Steve Brant

Humanities: Lt. Col. John Clune

Social Sciences: Professor John Hertel

The ASP is a truly life-changing experience as it fosters an inclusive and enriching academic community among some of the best students and faculty at the Air Force Academy."

2d Lt Jeremy Jacobellis, ASP Graduate, Holaday Scholar, Stamps Scholar

ASP has allowed me to pursue all of my passions, from mathematics to the humanities, and to explore the fascinating ways these seemingly divergent disciplines interact together in our world.

C1C Maddy Tung, ASP Member, Truman Scholar, Stamps Scholar