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Network Access

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We maintain several safe and secure networks to ensure cadets, faculty, and staff can easily access files, resources, and personnel while on campus and remotely.

EDU Network

The EDU network is part of the military network AFNET, which affords the security and support of the DoD IT infrastructure. Access to this network is automatically provided to all users with a Common Access Card and EDU account. If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to the EDU network, email 10cs.cfp@afacademy.af.edu.


Most office Local Area Network drops have transitioned to the Mission Network.


All government computers provide instant access to the EDU wireless network. To enable, open the Wi-Fi settings and select the network “EDU Wireless”. CAC authentication required.


When working remotely, users may access our virtual private network. CAC authentication required. View instructions (Microsoft 365 account required).

Mission Network

The Mission network is a separate, commercial internet available to cadets, faculty, and staff that allows greater flexibility and access relative to the government EDU network. In addition to providing increased bandwidth, it allows users to connect to the internet using their personal devices in accordance with the “bring your own device” guidelines. This network is only available via wireless connection while on campus.

Note: Users connected to the Mission Network do not have access to files and resources on the EDU network.


All offices come with an Ethernet connection that provides instant access to the Mission Network.


To enable, open the Wi-Fi settings on your device and select the network “MissionNet”. Network access is support by username and password on Windows 10 and iOS devices. Some Android devices require additional configuration..

Guest Access

To enable guest access, view instructions (Microsoft 365 account required). Guests will need to be provisioned using the self-provisioning wizard.