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Frequently Asked Questions

Image of cadets in a classroom.

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help faculty and staff gain access to Dean of Faculty IT services.

Note: links may require a Microsoft 365 account. If you believe you need this information prior to establishing a Microsoft 365 account, email df-cfam@afacademy.af.edu.

  • General How-to Guides
    Adding – Publishing Certificates to GAL PDF View
    AFNET/.mil Email Tips Word Document View
    ATHOC Configuration PowerPoint View
    A6/VPN-OWA-Teams & Voicemail Word Document View
    CAC Procedures (Publishing Certs) Word Document View
    Call Pilot Voicemail Instructions Word Document View
    Certificates – Download Past Email Certs PDF View
    Certificates – Run The Cross-Site Remover Word Document View
    Computer Waiver Instructions Word Document View
    Connect to VPN 4:16 minute video View
    Cyber Awareness Challenge Training (Public/No CAC) HTML View
    Connect to VPN Quick Guide 5:37 minute video View
    Email – O365 Email to EDU Distribution Lists Word Document View
    Email – USAFA DF Quick Start Email Guide .pdf View
    Guest Net Self Provisioning Instructions .pdf View
    Installation Instructions for BIG IP VPN (New) .pdf View
    JAVA Update for PIEE Website Access Word Document View
    JAVA Error: Oracle JInitiator Version is Too Low Word Document View
    JAVA Error Using Automated Business Service System Word Document View
    Lenovo Yoga 370 Webcam Issue Word Document View
    Outlook – How to Add EDU OWA to Mobile Device Word Document View
    Outlook – Create Teams Meeting Invite O365 or EDU Word Document View
    Outlook – Add/Remove Accounts in Client Application Word Document View
    Outlook Cache Mode/GAL Word Document View
    Outlook Empty Auto-Complete List Word Document View
    Outlook – O365 Management Tips Word Document View
    Outlook – Certs to GAL/Add-Remove O365 to EDU Outlook .pdf View
    Phishing – How to Handle Suspected Phishing Emails .pdf (official policy dated 2 April 20) View
    Resources for Tele-Teaching .pdf View
    Security Group – Managing an Univ Mail Enabled Sec Group Word Document View
    USAFA and Guest Net Access .pdf View
    USAFA Tele-Teaching Getting Started PowerPoint View
    Xerox_Altalink_Printer_Mapping Word Document (on use for new DLA Printer) View
    ZoomGOV – How Do I Purchase With GPC? Word Document View
  • Office 365
    Flow – Copy Form Responses to SharePoint and PowerBI 22:28 minute video View
    Forms – Creating and Displaying 13:26 minute video View
    Forms – Dealing with Multiple Responses and PowerBI 25:44 minute video View
    Forms – Make MS Forms Anonymous Word Document View
    OneNote – Getting Started With Class Notebooks 18:11 minute video View
    OneNote – Teacher Academy HTML View
    O365 Help Desk (Mission Net) Word Document View
    O365 Account Creation Instructions Word Document View
    One-Drive Configuration Word Document View
    One-Drive How-To Word Document View
    Power Apps – Creating Forms (Purchase Request) 38:31 minute video View
    Power Apps – Creating Forms (Purchase Approval) 35:33 minute video View
    Power BI – Creating Visualization from Excel Spreadsheet 17:41 minute video View
    Power BI – Dealing with Yes or No Data & Recent Entry 9:52 minute video View
    Power BI – Linking to SharePoint List & Publishing to O365 18:55 minute video View
    Teams – Video Tutorial (Faculty & Staff) 14:39 minute video View
    Teams – Video Tutorial (Cadets) 8:07 minute video View
    Teams – Limitations & Specifications Word Document View
    Teams – Create chat and attach a file Word Document View
    Teams – Microsoft End User Training Links HTML View
    Teams – Chat & Enrich for Searching Word Document View
    Teams – Join Team with Team Code .jpg View
    Teams – Bulk User Import via Q2i HTML View
    Teams – Share screen Word Document View
    Teams – Change Background in Video Chat Word Document View
    Teams – Creating Video or Audio Meeting Word Document View
    Teams – Creating Teams Meetings Word Document View
    Teams – Quick Start PDF View
    Teams – Microsoft Teams Educational Resources HTML View
    Teams – How to Capture Meeting Notes in a Teams 5:33 minute video View
    Teams – How to Add YouTube Tab & Hear Thru Teams Word Document View
    Teams – Manage Permissions for Teams & Live Events 5:48 minute video View
    Set Up O365 and Mailbox 5:53 minute video View
    SharePoint – Configuring Timed Released Docs in O365 12:57 minute video View
    SharePoint – Map SP Document Library as Network Drive Word Document View
    SharePoint & InfoPath – Limiting Access By User 12:50 minute video View
    Stream How-To Word Document View
    Stream – How to Create Videos for Class (DFEI) 6:15 minute video View
  • Blackboard
    Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor
    Download Respondus Lockdown Browser
    Weblink View
    Respondus LDB & Monitor Best Practices View
    Implementing Respondus LDB & Monitor in Blackboard
    PDF View
    Guidelines for Online Exams Integrity PDF View
    Cadet Recommendations for using LDB & Monitor PDF View
    Bb Collaborate Ultra
    Blackboard Collaborate Ultra PDF View
    Sharing Collaborate Recordings PDF View
    Blackboard Tools
    How to Review Weekly Journal Entries PDF View
    USAFA Blackboard Webpage Webpage requires login View
    Create MS Teams Meeting in Blackboard PDF View
  • Gradescope
    Bubble Sheet Assignments HTML View
    General Walk Through 15:59 minute video View
    Getting Started HTML View
    Getting Started with Gradescope for Remote Assessment 1:06:24 minute video (16 April 20) View
    Getting Started with Gradescope for Remote Assessment 57:09 minute video (21 May 20) View
    Scanning Tips HTML View
    USAFA Workshop 1:08:32 minute video View
    Gradescope FAQ HTML View
    MATLAB Grader 4:08 minute video View
    Teaching with MATLAB HTML View
    MATLAB – Updating Your MATLAB License PDF View
  • Echo360
    Teaching and Learning Webpage Echo360 hosted Webpage View
    Echo360 Introduction 14:19 minute video View
    Echo360 Universal Capture and Content Management 10:09 minute video View
    Echo360 Presentation Activities 9:30 minute video View
    Echo360 Analytics 12:27 minute video View
  • ZoomGOV
    User Quick Start Guide .pdf View
    Securing Your Zoom Meeting .pdf View
    Meetings and Training Reference Guide .pdf View
    Enable Zoom.com or Zoom.gov .pdf View
    Zoom Meeting How-To Links Word Document View
  • Turnitin
    All Instructor Guides – Feedback Studio HTML View
    Instructor Quick Start Guide – Feedback Studio HTML View
    Feedback Studio Administrator Guide HTML View