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Classroom Tech

Our academic facilities offer an array of audiovisual resources to support classroom instruction. For support, email DF-TAC@afacademy.af.edu or call 719-333-4755.

Classroom Amenities

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Spaces support HDMI integration for projection.

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Spaces support integration into lecture room house audio.

Lecture Capture
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Spaces support lecture capture integration.

of all sizes


Seats 20-24 Cadets
Modular Classroom

These standard classrooms found in Fairchild Hall support integrated local area network (LAN) connection and HDMI projection. Some classrooms support additional displays and configurations.

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Seats 60-65 Cadets

These more modern classrooms located in Fairchild Hall support HDMI projection with an amphitheater layout.

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Seats 100-400 Cadets
Large Lecture Halls

Our largest lecture halls in Fairchild Hall support full audiovisual integration and can be customized according to the presentation and audience.

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