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Strategies for Academic Success

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The Strategies for Academic Success (SAS) program teaches students to take control of their time and focus their effort to successfully engage in one of the most rigorous undergraduate programs in the nation. Cadets learn how to plan, organize, and academically succeed at the Academy. In the SAS program, cadets become part of a community of learners who develop foundational skills to enhance their academic performance. The program is a sanctuary for cadets to learn how to become self-regulated learners. Through a small cohort of learners, cadets develop strategies to overcome anxiety, improve time management, and learn how to learn.


Learning Strategies Program

The Learning Strategies Program offers two classes for cadet enrollment, Learning Strategies 101 and Learning Strategies 102. These classes are taught by Academy graduates and promote academic achievement through the use of current research based techniques to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of studying. The learning strategies coursework helps cadets become life-long learners.


For more information about the Learning Strategies Curriculum, please contact

Mr. Spencer Thomas
Director, Strategies for Academic Success


ESL and International Cadet Support

The ESL and International Cadet Support program helps multi-lingual U.S. cadets and international exchange students prepare for success in higher education. Navigating the Academy’s academic requirements in English as Second Language (ESL) can be challenging, particularly in reading and writing. ESL and international cadets have the opportunity to enroll in a 20-lesson Reading Strategies course (RS 104) and foundational coursework in English for Academic Purposes (EAP 109 and EAP 209). These specialized courses are designed to enhance the reading, writing, and oral communication skills among ESL and international cadets.


For more information about the ESL and International Cadet Support program, please contact

Ms. Connie Leonard
Coordinator, ESL and International Cadet Support

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