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Quantitative Reasoning Center

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The Quantitative Reasoning Center helps cadets overcome challenges and fine-tune their academic performance in their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses through individual extra instruction and small group sessions.


Extra Instruction

The EI session is a one-on-one meeting with a STEM professor to probe into the process of learning, uncover learning obstacles, and improve academic performance. EI is not tutoring. Cadets must demonstrate an honest effort at working assigned problems before attending an EI appointment. Through EI in the QRC, cadets learn how to become successful, self-regulated learners in their STEM coursework.


Small Group Sessions

QRC faculty design and deliver customized small group sessions, “Targeted EI,” and workshops focused on specific STEM topics to improve quantitative literacy. These small group meetings offer cadets an extra opportunity to participate in targeted STEM discussions outside of their normal class schedule. QRC workshops are traditionally scheduled on weekday evenings during designated cadet study hours.


Faculty and Academic Specialty

Dr. David Meier, QRC Director, Physics and Calculus
Dr. Reni Ayachitula, Chemistry and Physics
Dr. Lubov Andrusiv, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Mary Hertz, Chemistry
Dr. Alyssa Louma, Calculus



The QRC operates Monday through Thursday, 4:00pm to 8:30pm, allowing all cadets the opportunity for supplemental instruction.



For more information about the Quantitative Reasoning Center, please contact

Dr. David Meier
Director, Quantitative Reasoning Center