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Communication Strategies Center

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The Communication Strategies Center (CSC) assists cadets across academic disciplines in the vital areas of reading, writing, and speaking to enhance cadets’ critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills. The CSC provides three significant resources: The Writing Center, Public Speaking Lab, and Reading Strategies Program (RS 103).


For more information about the Communication Strategies Center, please contact

Dr. Elisa Cogbill-Seiders
Director, Communication Strategies Center


Writing Center

The Writing Center is the Academy’s academic support center for varied types of writing needs. Cadets can receive help at any stage in the writing process: brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, and editing.

Faculty help cadets hone their writing skills by offering one-on-one sessions, shut-up and write events, and topic-specific workshops. Cadets learn how to identify their own strengths and areas for improvement, including but not limited to: appropriate evidence, grammar, organization, rhetorical situation, syntax, tone, and transitions.

Cadets use the inviting and supportive writing environment to strengthen writing assignments across all academic disciplines at the Academy.


For more information about the Writing Center, please contact

Dr. Chris Gras
Program Lead, Writing Center

Public Speaking Lab (PSL)

The PSL is the Academy’s academic support center for any and all oral communication needs. Public speaking specialists help cadets refine and improve academic presentations in the classroom, leadership speeches in the cadet wing, and interview preparation for graduate studies and scholarship.

The PSL can record practice sessions and provide feedback on all aspects of public speaking, such as vocal delivery, nonverbal communication, effective speaking notes, speech structure, audience engagement, and visual aid integration. The PSL helps cadets connect to their audience, present with poise, and communicate effectively.

The PSL also works with Academy faculty and personnel to develop and deliver public speaking workshops across campus. These customized PSL workshops are designed to assist cadets and faculty in all areas of public speaking and help foster the next generation of effective, trustworthy, and dynamic communicators and leaders of character in the United States Air Force and Space Force.


For more information about the Public Speaking Lab, please contact

Dr. Daniel Johnson
Program Lead, Public Speaking Lab

Reading Strategies Program

The CSC offers a Reading Strategies (RS 103) program designed to help cadets read with critical awareness and efficiency. The Academy exerts rigorous demands across all courses and disciplines, especially in terms of the amount and complexity of course material cadets are expected to learn and apply. RS 103 helps cadets navigate these texts with a purpose, which enhances engagement, comprehension, and recall.

The 20-lesson RS 103 course provides cadets with the strategies, tools, and opportunities to succeed.

By looking at texts from a variety of disciplines and examining their design, structure, and style, cadets gain discipline-specific reading strategies. Through class exercises, readings, and discussions, instructors work with students to cultivate a life-long passion for engagement and growth through digital and hardcopy texts.

As cadets become more efficient readers, their motivation and confidence can increase, helping them achieve a higher level of academic success at the Academy.


For more information about the Reading Strategies Program, please contact

Dr. Gary Mills
Program Lead, Reading Strategies Program