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Academic Success Center Faculty

Monte Anderson
Dr. Monte Anderson

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-0788

Lubov Andrusiv
Dr. Lubov Andrusiv

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(719) 333-9095

Dr. Cogbill-Seiders
Dr. Elisa Cogbill-Seiders

Director, Communication Strategies Center

(719) 333-0790

Chris Gras
Dr. Chris Gras

Assistant Professor of Reading & Professional Communication

(719) 333-8116

Dr. Mary Hertz

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

(719) 333-8112

Daniel Johnson
Dr. Daniel Johnson

Assistant Professor of Reading and Professional Communication

(719) 333-4172

Assistant Professor Constance Leonard

Reading and Learning Strategies Instructor, Academic Success Center

(719) 333-0787

Kerry McCaig
Dr. Kerry McCaig

Deputy Head, Student Academic Services

(719) 333-6834

Dr. Helen Meisenhelder

Director, Graduate Studies Program

(719) 333-4172

Gary Mills
Dr. Gary Mills

Reading & Writing Enhancement Faculty, Associate Professor of English

(719) 333-8121

Ms. Ortiz
Dr. Alyssa Ortiz

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Spencer Thomas
Mr. Spencer Thomas

Director, Strategies for Academic Success Program

(719) 333-8656