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Noon Meal Formation

Noon Meal Formation

Observe the impressive Cadet Wing march to lunch!

Noon meal formation is scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the school year, weather permitting. Since the formation is subject to cancellation without notice, call the Visitor Center at 719-333-2025 on the morning of your visit to find out if there will be a lunch formation taking place.

Cadets attend morning classes or study until just after 11 a.m., when they return to their squadron area to prepare for the mandatory noon meal formation and lunch. At 11:30 a.m., the Cadet Wing lines up numerically by squadron in front of the dormitories, Vandenberg and Sijan Halls.

At the formation, 4,000 cadets march across the Terrazzo into Mitchell Hall to the Air Force song and other Department of Defense anthems, provided by our very own Cadet Drum & Bugle Corps. This tradition dates back to the founding of the Academy and helps the Commandant assess the current state of discipline among the Cadet Wing.

The cadet squadron commander or cadet director of operations (second in command of each squadron) will lead each squadron during the procession.

Cadet squadrons carry their guidon and colors from a host active duty wing. For example, cadet squadron 26 carries a unit colors flag for Nellis Air Force Base and squadron 1 carries a flag for the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley Air Force Base. The color guard, guide-on bearer and cadet squadron commander make up each squadron tripod to lead the squadron in formation.


Guests may view the formation from the Honor Court wall overlooking the Terrazzo. The Honor Court also houses the General Harmon memorial and many statues. The Planetarium is just across the road, opposite Arnold Hall, so be sure to check the show schedule.