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Foreign Languages & International Programs Faculty

Jean Philipe Peltier
Colonel Jean-Philippe Peltier

Permanent Professor & Department Head

(719) 333-8274

Dr. Angelo
Dr. Adrienne Angelo

Distinguished Visiting Professor

(719) 333-4362

Dr. Boyd (DFF)
Professor David Boyd

Assistant Professor of Chinese

(719) 333-4985

Dr. Robert Carriedo
Dr. Robert Carriedo

Director of Academics/Deputy Head

(719) 333-8648

Ismenia de Souza
Dr. Ismenia Sales de Souza

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

(719) 333-6141

Captain Gelinas
Captain Felix Gelinas

Executive Officer & Instructor of French

(719) 333-2836

Mr. Bradley Hince

Assistant Professor of Japanese

(719) 333-3746

Paul Howe
Mr. Paul Howe

Instructor of Chinese

(719) 333-8686

Dr. Haning Hughes

Professor of Chinese

(719) 333-2298

Julien Jones
Julien Jones

Assistant Professsor of French

(719) 333-8625

Daniel Jordao
Major Daniel Jordao

Instructor of Portuguese

(719) 333-9336

Christopher Kean
Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Kean

Director, International Programs

(719) 333-3870

Dr. Khalek (DFF)
Professor Hisham Khalek

ARDI Professor

(719) 333-3796

Official photo of Steven Kotecki
Major Steven Kotecki

Instructor of French

(719) 333-3469

Dr. Kupensky (DFF)
Dr. Nicholas Kupensky

Assistant Professor of Russian

(719) 333-2398

Instructor Robin Lawrentz

Instructor of Japanese

(719) 333-3847