United States Air Force Academy

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Class of 2028 In-processing Day

Cadet basics departing a bus for their first Academy experience during I-Day.

Date: June 26, 2024
Location: Holaday Athletic Center

In-Processing Day (I-Day) begins with our four-degree (freshman) cadet-appointees getting dropped off at the Holaday Athletic Center to begin their official in-processing activities.  After processing through various stations, including a medical review and taking the Oath of Office they become a Basic Cadet.

Basic Cadets will travel by bus to the Cadet Area and begin immediately receiving instruction from upperclassmen before heading up the Core Value Ramp for the first time. This will be proceeded by haircuts and the issuance of uniforms and dorms. The Commandant conducts a ceremonial class Swearing In ceremony the following day, formally kicking off 6 weeks of Basic Cadet Training (BCT).