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Institutional Research

The U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to grant the Bachelor of Science Degree to qualified graduates.

As a member institution of the HLC, USAFA is fully committed to transparency in reporting student achievement to internal and external stakeholders. Enrollment, retention rates, graduation rates, graduate placement rates, and average starting salary of graduates for the last five years:

Cohort Year Class Year Enrollment Retention Rate Completion/ Graduation Rate Graduate Placement Rate Average Starting Salary
2010 2014 3952 94.0% 80% (6-year)
78% (4-year)
100% $52,500
2011 2015 4111 93.5% 86% (6-year)
84% (4-year)
100% $52,600
2012 2016 4237 94.4% 83% (6-year)
80% (4-year)
100% $53,500
2013 2017 4276 94% 85% (6-year)
84% (4-year)
100% $55,700
2014 2018 4336 TBD TBD 100% $58,000


  • “Cohort Year” corresponds to the fall in which freshmen begin academics. “Class Year” corresponds to the spring in which seniors graduate.
  • Enrollment is reported from the start of the academic year in the fall.
  • Retention rate is the percentage of first-year students who began their studies in fall of the academic year and returned the next fall.
  • Completion/ Graduation Rates are for full-time and first-time students who graduate in 6 or less years and 4 years, respectively.
  • All graduates are assigned positions upon commission and graduation from USAFA.
  • Average Starting Salary includes base pay, basic allowance for housing (BAH), and basic allowance for subsistence (BAS) for an O-1 with < 2 years of service. BAH rates are based on duty zip code and whether the officer is “with” or “without” dependents. The Colorado Springs locality with no dependents is used to compute “average” BAH for the above average starting salary; other zip codes will vary.

Data provided by IPEDs College Navigator (Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Rates, Accreditation)

The Institutional Research Offices produces a variety of reports and products aimed at informing the greater Higher Education community, USAFA leaders, current and future students, alumni, and the general public. Some of those products are available below:

USAFA Common Data Set (PDF): click here

USAFA Class of 2025 Profile (PDF): click here

USAFA Class of 2021 Graduation Fact Sheet (PDF): click here

Due to the Privacy Act of 1974 there are limitations on the type of data that can be shared outside of the institution. Our office recommends any members of the public or other non-USAFA personnel wishing to request additional data contact the USAFA Public Affairs office and/or the USAFA Freedom of Information Act office.

The Institutional Research Office supports all Human and Animal Subjects Research Protections. More information regarding these programs may be found in these info sheets:

Human Subjects Research Protection: USAFA HRPP Info Sheet

Animal Subjects Research Protection: USAFA IACUC Info Sheet

For more information regarding Human Subjects Research Protections or USAFA IRB, please contact USAFA.IRB@usafa.edu.

For more information regarding the USAFA Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, please contact USAFA.IACUC@usafa.edu.

The Institutional Research Office also manages Survey Control for the institution. Survey Control includes oversight and approvals for surveys/feedback/interviews/etc conducted with USAFA personnel. For more information regarding USAFA’s Survey program, please contact USAFA_Surveys@usafa.edu.

Point of Contact
Directorate of Operations and Analysis (HQ USAFA A3/9)
2304 Cadet Dr., Suite 3800, USAF Academy, CO 80840
Phone: (719)333-3091
Email: USAFA.A39@usafa.edu