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USAFA Prep School hosts STEM outreach at elementary school

Stratmoor Stem

By Ray Bowden/April 26, 2018

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — Cadet candidates from the Air Force Academy Prep School showed their support for science last month at Stratmoor Elementary School.

The cadet candidates performed a chemistry magic designed to take the students on a journey through “Chem-elot”at the District 2 School in Colorado Springs The event was part of the Academy’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – or “STEM” – Program.

“STEM events are important because they help students understand the world around them,” said Cadet Candidate Raquel Chaparro. “Chemistry is everything you touch and see and STEM events provide a closer look behind the scenes.”

The “Chem-elot” show featured dragons and chemical “concoctions” while testing the scientific knowledge of the cadet candidates, who are enrolled in chemistry.

“I really enjoyed how engaged the students were,” Chaparro said. “Who knows? Maybe we planted a seed and some future chemists may come from Stratmoor because of their experience with us.”

The event was part of the Prep School’s outreach activities to elementary, middle and high school students, said Capt. Matthias Born, chemistry course director at the Prep School.

“I’m certain we’ve drawn each of the students closer to science,” he said. “These students are future chemists, physicists and doctors. Our goal is to invigorate their sense of excitement for the natural world.”