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The Weekly Lead: Celebrating black history, protecting natural lands & more

The Weekly Lead

Legacy of Honor

Here are a few very notable achievements by black service members who have set the standards for service and sacrifice, brought you by the Air Force Academy’s National African-American Black History Month Observance Committee. https://www.usafa.edu/news/honoring-the-past-securing-the-future-air-force-academy-celebrates-black-history-month

Preserving and Protecting

The Air Force Academy is committed to preserving natural open land and space at the installation. https://www.usafa.edu/news/usafa-renews-commitment-to-preserve-more-than-16000-acres-of-natural-open-space-land/

The Jabara Award

Read about the accomplishments that helped two Academy graduates take home the 2019 Jabara Award. Col. Nick Hague, an astronaut, and Maj. Caitlin Reilly were recognized in a ceremony at the staff tower with Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, the Academy superintendent, and thousands of cadets, Feb. 7. https://www.usafa.edu/news/special-ops-pilot-astronaut-receive-2019-jabara-award-feb-7