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USAFA Founder's Day Parade
USAFA Founder's Day Parade
Around the Terrazzo: Spring Highlights From the Academy

The United States Air Force Academy continues its mission to instill cadets with pride and integrity while preparing them to serve their country and succeed in 21st-century careers.

Later this month, the Academy will host Education Innovation Week. During the week, there will be numerous panels, workshops and speakers addressing issues of importance to teaching and learning. This year’s theme aligns with the National Character and Leadership Symposium focus of Ethics and Respect. Issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom will be examined. One notable event will be a cadet panel discussion of the Cadet Wing diversity and inclusion system.

On May 25th, the Class of 2022 will graduate and begin their active duty military careers as Second Lieutenants in the Air Force and Space Force. Over the summer cadets will be exposed to the rigors and fundamentals of flying through participation in parachuting, powered flight, and glider training at Davis Airfield. These programs provide the foundation for personal and professional discipline required to succeed as an aviator, a path approximately half of Academy cadets pursue upon graduation.

Read about the latest Academy events:

Dean's Research Awards

It takes tremendous dedication and support to achieve research success. For faculty, research is a vital part of our profession and essential to maintaining academic relevance within our respective disciplines. For cadets, research exposes them to the deeper questions and levels of critical thinking… all skills essential to their educational experience. Congratulations to this year’s winners.


Musk motivates cadets

Elon Musk, SpaceX founder and CEO, met with cadets to discuss space travel and exploration. During a fireside chat with Lt. Gen. Clark, Musk answered cadets’ questions on astronautics, space engineering, and military/civilian space partnerships. The visit was part of the Ira C. Eaker Distinguished Lecture on National Defense Policy and the Political Science department’s concentrated efforts on space strategy and policy. The department is creating synergies among research, coursework, conferences and collaborative opportunities.


Space Stats

No matter the major, space is woven throughout the Academy’s academic program. We recognize that space power is essential to any future conflict and that after graduation our cadets will be the ones leading the way into the uncertain environments of tomorrow. By assessing the value of all space operations and incorporating new technology as it becomes available, cadets develop future plans for systems, facilities and personnel in order to defend our nation.



The Air Combat Club allows cadets to explore and learn the physics and tactics of aerial combat from faculty and Air Officers Commanding with fighter backgrounds. The 140 cadets in the club put these skills to the test through networked, virtual reality simulators. It is a unique opportunity to bring together experienced pilots, eager cadets and top-notch technology to provide tools and training to bring out the best in them all and prepare these young men and women for their next steps as future officers and pilots.



Cadets majoring in the Geospatial Science major use a combination of advanced technology and geographical knowledge to understand people and places. They learn to make critical decisions that shape our world through the use of drones, satellite imagery, lasers, and advanced spatial analysis. Their interdisciplinary studies teach them to identify critical challenges and conduct research on contemporary issues such as climate change, geopolitics, cultural patterns, and poverty.



Freshman Scott Rockett became the first NCAA Air Rifle National Champion in Falcon history on Saturday, March 12. Rockett claimed the sport’s top individual honor on home turf as the 2022 NCAA Championships were hosted at Clune Arena. Rockett’s score of 598 was the top score at the NCAA Championships and one point off his career best.

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