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Cadet Recognition is underway at USAFA


By Maureen Welch/March 6, 2018

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — If you’re a cadet fourth class at the Air Force Academy, you’re probably not thinking about baseball as spring approaches.

You’ve likely got Recognition on your mind.

For these cadets, the change of season means it’s time for Recognition.

“Recognition is an institutional rite of passage,” said Cadet Wing Vice-Commandant Col. John Price. “This year, over 1,100 cadets in the Class of 2021 will seek to complete it.”

Cadet Wing Commander Cadet 1st Class Kaitlyn Barry said Recognition is demanding.

“The focus is on evaluating the competencies cadets have learned since in-processing [for Basic Cadet Training] last June,” she said

Cadets’ fourth class who complete Recognition are given more responsibilities and privileges as they’ve demonstrated their ability to meet the training expectations of all cadets.

Barry said Recognition is an opportunity for cadets to demonstrate they have the attitude and competence demanded of all service members.

“Recognition tests the leadership of the upper three classes, builds confidence in their capabilities by evaluating their ability to purposefully plan and professionally execute a complex training and assessment event,” she said. “Recognition allows commanders to evaluate the entire Cadet Wing.”

Recognition began March 8 with the Wing Round Robin, a series of high-intensity physical exercises.

The physical challenges of Recognition end March 10 when first- and- fourth class cadets Run to the Rock, a five mile trek to Cathedral Rock.

Recognition ends with the Recognition Dinner in Mitchell Dining Hall after the Prop and Wings ceremonies in cadets’ fourth class squadrons.

The cadets’ fourth class won’t formally become upperclassmen until the Class of 2018 graduates May 23.