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New summer course focuses on combating future threats

by Ashley D. Murphy, Strategic Communications

Air Force Academy cadets now have another opportunity to learn more about our nation’s emerging challenges in a new Summer Innovation Course. The course, hosted by the Academy’s Institute for Future Conflict, is designed for rising sophomores to practice applying skills and knowledge gained through their studies to various potential future conflict scenarios.

The course integrates cadet leadership experiences with academic exposure, and shows cadets how to take an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to the dynamic and evolving nature of future conflict.

“Following this course, cadets will have a better understanding of how to approach and solve emerging and future challenges from a multi-domain and multi-disciplinary perspective,” said Maj. Jamil Brown, Institute for Future Conflict Fellow. “When confronted with a future fight challenge we want the cadets to have the tools to critically think it through.”

The Institute for Future Conflict, in coordination with the Academy’s Strategy & Warfare Center, Center for Character and Leadership Development, and the Arizona State University Threatcasting Lab developed the two-day course.

For more on the Institute for Future Conflict and Summer Innovation Course, visit www.usafa.edu/ifc.