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Long Blue Line: Meet Cadet 2nd Class James Roberts

By Staff Reports, Aug. 28, 2018. Photos courtesy of Cadet 2nd Class James Roberts.

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — (Editor’s Note) For the 2018 Air Force Football season, we have designated theme weeks tied to our six home games, each highlighting a domain of strength and excellence at our Academy. This week, August 27 – September 8, we honor the Long Blue Line and showcase a proud history of selfless service in the Air Force and beyond.

Interview with Cadet 2nd Class James Roberts:

What’s your first memory associated with the Air Force?

I originally was interested by an ad the University of North Dakota for their brand new UAV program.  After doing some research freshmen year of high school, I found USAFA’s website and was instantly hooked.

What do you think of when you hear “Long Blue Line”?

It’s not a status, it’s not an accolade, it’s not a rank, and it’s not a ring. It’s a family.

Why did you want to come to the Academy?

I found it to be a great opportunity to combine my dream of flying with service; I’ve been inspired by both and there’s no better place to get started.


What did your family think of your decision to attend?

Being a first-generation cadet, it definitely took my family in a new direction.  My parents have been supportive of every decision I’ve made, and to that end I’m incredibly thankful.

Is there a person who inspired you to be a part of the Long Blue Line?

The decision to attend came after a career class in high school; Col Steve Kensick of the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 115th Fighter Wing took me on a tour of their facilities, including an up-close look at their F-16s.  That experience solidified my desire to come to the Academy.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Long Blue Line?

It’s like walking into your hometown airport, seeing someone you knew from high school, and silently nodding at each other, knowing you’re connected back to that common experience and history.

What keeps you motivated throughout your time here at the Academy?

Knowing that the work that you put in to this place may someday prepare you for a situation when you, a wingman, or your friends and family are in trouble and you are prepared to handle it.