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Class of 2024 first to use new advising program MyMajors

Story by Jennifer Spradlin, Aug. 18, Photo by Josh Armstrong

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. – Picking a major is a big decision for any college student, and it’s no different at the Academy, where cadets are required to declare a major by October of their second year.

The Dean of Faculty is building on existing advising resources by making a customized version of MyMajors, a web-based program used at other universities, available for the first time to the Class of 2024.

“We believe this tool will make traditional advising events, like Majors Night, more useful to cadets by opening their eyes to different majors earlier in their time here,” said Julie Tetley, chief of academic advising.

The Academy’s newest cadets took a 15-minute assessment on the MyMajors platform during Basic Cadet Training to learn more about the academic options available and which programs align with their interests, proven academic aptitude and career goals.

“After filling out the assessment, one of the majors I matched to was management, which confirmed my prior interests,” said Cadet 4th Class Mason Bugg. “I felt like it did a good job reading my interests and opening my eyes to some other related fields I might be interested in – like logistics.”

Bugg said the assessment also led him to consider a technical major, which had not been on his radar prior to arriving at the Academy. Cadet 4th Class Taylor Miller said she was interested in becoming a physician and the program gave her a broad overview of the biology major.

The results of the 15-minute assessment are non-binding and are meant to help cadets have informed conversations with their academic advisors and squadron leadership. For example, identifying courses in a major that might prove more difficult for a cadet and educating them about learning resources they can use to increase their chance for a positive outcome in that course.

One aspect unique to the Academy version of MyMajors is the information about Air Force specialties. Cadets can note an interest in serving in the Space Force or medical fields and learn which careers are only open to specific, often technical, majors.

“By helping cadets find their best matched major, we are helping them succeed at USAFA and in their Air Force careers,” said Col. Kim Campbell, the former chair of Airpower Innovation & Integration.