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Basic Cadet Training squadrons compete at Field Day July 14

Air Force Academy Field DayBy Maureen Welch/July 13, 2017

Basic cadet trainees at the Air Force Academy tested their skill, stamina and physical condition July 14 at Field Day.

The basic cadets marched to the Academy’s athletic fields in squadron formation at 6:30 a.m. and competed in distance runs, sprints, tug-of-war, dodgeball, log relays and other events.

The Field Day champions will be announced in a follow-up story next week.

Basic cadet training for the Class of 2021 started June 29 and continues through Aug. 5.

Visit http://www.usafa.edu/eager-get-things-started-nearly-1200-report-basic-cadet-training-june-29 for more information.