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27 NCOs selected for E-6 promotion


promotion to technical sergeant


By Tech. Sgt. Jasmine Reif/July 21, 2017

Yesterday was a great day for the 27 staff sergeants at the Academy who were selected for promotion to technical sergeant.

The Air Force selected 8,167 staff sergeants for promotion out of 25,552 eligible for a selection rate of 31.96 percent.

10th ABW

Josiah Brodsky

Jacob Broersma

Mandy Cruz

Helice Daulton

Matthew Davis

Amy Etienne

Teruko Fegurgur

Jacqueline Fuller

Joshua Harwood

Amber Kees

Kyle Mick

Matthew Mills

Martha Moore

Steven Morris

Daniel Pontillo

Londone Session

Jonathan Sogka

Robyn Summers

Miranda Wallinder

Brian Wiese

HQ Staff

Jonathon Bradbury

James Clark

Alison Cline

Raymond Pajas

Jonathan Velazquez


Prince Charles Bandong


– Officials selected 1,719 Airmen with a Promote Now recommendation (21.05 percent of the total selects)

– 2,268 Airmen with a Must Promote recommendation (27.77 percent of the total selects)

– 4,180 Airmen with a Promote recommendation (51.18 percent of the total selects)

– Selectees’ average time in grade was 4.30 years and time in service was 9.19 years

– The average selectee overall score was 358.50, based on point averages of 212.02 for enlisted performance reports, 5.40 for decorations, 70.90 for the promotion fitness examination and 69.11 for the specialty knowledge test

– Within the promotion recommendation groups, 97.7 percent of eligible Airmen with a Promote Now recommendation were selected, 71.4 percent of those in the Must Promote recommendation group were selected and 20.6 percent in the Promote recommendation group

The technical sergeant promotion list is available on the Air Force Portal and myPers. Airmen can access their score notices on the virtual Military Personnel Flight via the Air Force Personnel Center’s secure applications page.

Those selected will be promoted beginning Aug. 1 according to their promotion sequence number.