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Academy Kicks Off Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

By Col. Troy Dunn, 10th Air Base Wing commander / Published April 25, 2016


Throughout the month of April, the 10th Air Base Wing has been very active in our efforts to observe Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. This year’s theme is “Eliminate Sexual Assault: Know your part, Do your part.”  Sexual assault is a critical issue across the country, on college campuses and in our Air Force. Every Airman plays an important role in creating the right culture that will eliminate sexual assault and sexual harassment from our ranks. I am counting on all of us to display the moral courage and personal commitment to step forward and intervene when we recognize a situation of inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.

What makes our Air Force family so special is that we look out for each other and we support one another, to include victims of sexual assault. To maintain this high level of trust in leadership, we all must ensure our work areas are safe environments of dignity, respect, trust and support. Together we will send a clear message to those who have been convicted of this heinous crime that they do not have a place in our Air Force family.

The following guidelines are helpful reminders for all of us:

Eliminate Sexual Assault: Every Service member, at every level in our military, must know, understand, and adhere to our Air Force Core Values and standards of behavior in order to eliminate sexual assault and other inappropriate behavior.

Know Your Part: Each member of our Defense Department community has a unique role in preventing and responding to sexual assault. We must recognize our part in stopping this crime, starting with our own awareness and knowing when and where to intervene.

Do Your Part: We have to act. If we see a crime or inappropriate behavior unfolding, we need to step in to prevent it. We each need to add our voice to the call to end this crime.

I am proud of you all in the 10th ABW. You inspire me every day in the manner by which you support the Air Force core values and model the Wingman Concept. I admire those who had the courage, and will have the courage, to come forward. Know that the healing process for any victim of sexual assault is not easy, but you have your Air Force family to support you every step of the way. Thank you for trusting us to be your wingman.