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Captain Tyler Peterson

Instructor of Chemistry

Capt Peterson
Contact Information

(719) 333-6076



Captain Tyler Peterson is a Chemistry Instructor at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA). Captain Peterson was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but lived in Warner Robins, Georgia for the majority of his life. Captain Peterson earned his bachelors of science (general chemistry) from Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA, where he met his wife, Seulgi Boo. After a few years of working as a civilian, he commissioned through Officer Training School (OTS, class of 18-01). Capt Peterson's first assignment was at the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), located at Patrick Space Force Base (Melbourne, FL). There, he served as a Deputy Flight Chief at the Air Force Radiochemistry Lab, an environmental and chemical analyst in the Environmental Modeling and Simulations Flight, and as the Officer In Charge (OIC) for operations in the AFTAC Cleanroom Lab. In 2020, Capt Peterson was selected to earn his master's degree through USAFA and the Advanced Academic Degree program (AAD). He attended the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah to earn his master's of science in analytical chemistry via the Air Force Institute of Technology's Civilian Institution program. Captain Peterson earned his master's in chemistry in 2021 before being moved to USAFA to serve as an instructor of chemistry.


Master of Science, Analytical Chemistry, University of Utah. (2021)

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Valdosta State University. (2015)

Professional Experience

Instructor of Chemistry, Dean of Faculty, USAFA, Colorado (2021-Present)

AFIT CI Student, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah (2020-2021)

Chief of Cleanroom Operation Flt, AFTAC ANL SQ, Patrick SFB, FL (2019-2020)

Environmental Analyst, AFTAC EMS, Patrick SFB, FL (2018-2019)

Deputy CC Measurements Flt, AFTAC CIL, Patrick SFB, FL (2017-2018)


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Peterson, T. L., Nagy, G. “Toward Sequencing the Human Milk Glycome: High-Resolution Cyclic Ion Mobility Separations of Core Human Milk Oligosaccharide Building Blocks” Anal Chem. 2021, 93 (27), 9397-9407.