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Ms. Amanda Metcalfe

Asssistant Professor

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

Amanda Metcalfe
Contact Information

(719) 333-3056



Amanda Metcalfe has spent twenty years serving the Colorado Springs community as a community and military counselor and consultant.  She is currently an assistant professor Behavioral Science and Leadership at the United States Air Force Academy. Within her community Amanda has extensive experience with trauma treatment for which she has utilized for recovery and support of veterans, soldiers, civilians, and numerous survivors of sexual trauma. She applies further specialization of performance mindset psychology in support of warriors, athletes, and students to enhance performance and wellbeing. Recently she focused her research efforts on post-trauma growth, Inclusive leadership, and the relationship between feminist structures and interstate war. Her service to the military and local community includes Twenty years of private counseling and clinical support in the Colorado Springs Community and five years of academic teaching at local Universities.



PhD for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in Leadership, Research, and Policy

Honors & Awards

USAFA’s Mental Health team, selected as SocSci Team of the Quarter

USAFA’s Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership team of the Year Award (Leadership Core Curriculum Building and Instruction).

USAFA’s Dean of Faculty Teaching Excellence nominee  

Colorado Springs Mayors’ Young Leader Award Finalist for Social and Economic Impact (2018).

Recipient of the Ambassadors’ Distinguished Scholars Program in Ethiopia from the Institute of International Education

NCAA/Department of Defense Certificate of Appreciation in CARE (Concussion, Assessment, Research and Education) Project 2016.

Research and Scholarly Interests

Interstate War

Gender and Leadership

Leadership Identity

Posttrauma Growth

Performance Mindset Psychology



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Metcalfe, A., Briggs, K., (2020). Freedom of forgiveness beyond the crisis: Intrapersonal strategies for leaders. In S. Rawat, O.B. Boe, & A. Piotrowski (Ed.), Military Psychology Response to Post Pandemic Reconstruction. Jaipur, India: Rawat Publications. ISBN978-81-316-1183

Do, James, Durnill, D., Metcalfe, A. (2019). Optimizing warfighter effectiveness: Combining the traditional approach to combative training with mindfulness. In D. Lindsay & A. Macintyre (Ed.), Working title. (Chapter 14). Kingston, Ontario: Canadian Defense Academy Press.

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