United States Air Force Academy

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Academic Faculty and Staff Directory

Official Photo of Peter Amaddio
Captain Peter Amaddio

Instructor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

(719) 333-2444

Michael Anderson
Dr. Michael Anderson

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(719) 333-4048

Monte Anderson
Dr. Monte Anderson

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-0788

Lubov Andrusiv
Dr. Lubov Andrusiv

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(719) 333-9095

Dr. Angelo
Dr. Adrienne Angelo

Distinguished Visiting Professor

(719) 333-4362

Dr. Pooneh Aref



Dr. Arellano (DFENG)
Dr. José Antonio Arellano

Assistant Professor of English

(719) 333-3159

Reza Ashtiani
Dr. Reza Ashtiani

Visiting Professor

(719) 333-9120

William Atkins
Lieutenant Colonel Will Atkins

Instructor of Political Science

(719) 333-2412

Official Photo of Andrew Atkinson
Major Andrew Atkinson

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences

(719) 333-3099

Kelly Atkinson
Major Kelly Atkinson

Assistant Professor of Political Science

(719) 333-8251

Chad Austin
Professor Chad Austin

Professor of Law

(719) 333-2816

Official photo of Major Judson Babcock
Lieutenant Colonel Judson Babcock

Assistant Professor

(719) 333-9200

Official Photo of Stanley Baek
Dr. Stanley Baek

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(719) 333-9193

Official Photo of William Baez
Senior Master Sergeant William Baez

Assistant Professor


Courtney Bailey
Ms. Courtney Bailey

Research Budget Analyst

(719) 333-3311