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Development Division

CCLD Development Division

The Academy’s mission to develop leaders of character is the driving force behind CCLD’s Development Division. We provide developmental opportunities to both cadets and permanent party through a variety of workshops, seminars, and professional training. Our programs promote ownership in personal and organizational development through engagement in purposeful experiences, practicing the habits of thought and actions expected of a leader of character for the 21st Century.

Our Development Division programs focus on Professional Development, Healthy Relations Education, and Experiential Based Learning, with the Outdoor Leadership Complex as one of our key assets. In addition to promoting the Leader of Character Framework, our programs aim to increase positive outcomes in productivity, communication, and healthy relationships while lowering risk factors that negatively impact the workforce.

The Development Division also partners directly with the Cadet Wing and the Cadet Director of Character & Honor to promote cadet education and training through Character Discussions, Cadet Leadership Enrichment Seminars, Team Captain Enhancement Programs, and expansive summer programs.

A small sample of our programs are listed below, and workshops can be personalized to the specific needs of each group.

  • Leader of Character Workshops
  • Leadership Teamwork Assessments
  • High Quality Connections
  • Understanding Resiliency & Grit
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychology of Strengths
  • Science and Philosophy of Happiness
  • Coaching Conversations