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Development Division

Image of a cadet development workshop.


To promote personal and professional growth and healthy relationships in our community through developmental experiential opportunities.

As we prepare future leaders of character in service to our country it important to develop ourselves. With character and leadership at the essence of the United States Air Force Academy, CCLD Development Opportunities (DO) are based in the core values of USAFA and strive to provide development at the individual, professional, and leadership level. DO does this through a variety of sessions and programs. Workshops are designed to be informational, experiential, and relevant the todays and the future leaders of character. Development Opportunities span three areas: Leader of Character, Healthy Relations, and Experiential Based Learning (EBL).

Leader of Character

The Leader of Character workshop dives into the details of what it is to be a leader – Living Honorably, Lifting Others, and Elevated Performance – with introduction framework session and deep dive workshops into the three main concepts of the framework. Participants walk away from these sessions with a greater understanding of the concept plus how it is lived out in the daily work and home environments. How they can lead better for ourselves, others, and our country and how their actions effect at a greater level.

Healthy Relations Education (HRE)

The Healthy Relations Education (HRE) program allows permanent party and cadets at USAFA to develop an understanding and practice of leadership through emotional intelligence, Daring Leadership, energy management, mindset training and healthy relationships development. Workshops can be personalized to specific needs and have included topics such as: The Multigenerational Workforce, Safe Zone Training, EAAA: Sexual Violence Risk Reduction, How to Talk to Your Child about Sex and a variety of book clubs. HRE addresses factors that impact personal, professional, character and leadership development. Workshops address lowering risk factors that negatively impact the workforce and increasing positive outcomes in productivity and healthy relationships.

Experiential Based Learning (EBL)

The Experiential Based Learning (EBL) program houses integration in various areas of the academy (academics, training, character development, developmental opportunities, etc) and houses the academies Ropes Course. Programs are tailored for each group/team to meet outcomes and objectives and range from introduction activities, cohesion building, team building, team development (roles, communication, and execution) and character development.

EBL also assists with summer training program’s ABL program for rising 3* cadets. Ropes course challenge experience. Focus on feedback, reflection, and processing the experience and how it applied to being a leader, military member, and part of a team.

Additional Information

For more information or questions contact CCLDdevelopment@afacademy.af.edu