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Development and Integration Division

Image of a cadet development workshop.

The Development and Integration Division provides cadets with experiences and opportunities to learn and discuss what it means to serve as a leader of character in the Profession of Arms. Learn more about our various programs below.

Character and Leadership Programs

Each year, cadets take part in various character and leadership development courses, workshops and lectures.


Innovation connects the Cadet Wing with our nation’s distinguished veterans and their history in order to strengthen appreciation for Air Force heritage and enhance perspective on leading with┬ácharacter in the Profession of Arms.


LEAD 100, 200, 300 and soon to be 400 replace a core class previously offered during 2-degree year. Instead of a single 40-lesson course, content is delivered over four years (10 lessons/year) giving the cadets information to develop their leadership abilities along the way. Each focuses lessons on the PITO model (Personal, Interpersonal, Team, and Organizational). The emphasis of the course is growth for each cadet’s leadership journey. Faculty serve as content experts as well as leadership consultants, highlighting that leadership growth and opportunities are all around within the cadet’s day-to-day lives (military, academic, athletics, and social/extra-curricular activities).