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7 things to know about the new Green Dot training

By U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs / Sept. 13, 2017


1. Green Dot is an Air Force strategy to decrease interpersonal violence across the service: It is an interactive training program designed to help Airmen, which includes military and civilians, intervene in and prevent violence.

2. More than sexual assault: Green Dot training aims to prevent suicide, sexual assault, family violence, abuse, stalking and other forms of violence.

3. It addresses multiple forms of violence simultaneously: Individuals may be training on one specific instance per training; however, Green Dot is designed to help Airmen develop key skills that address the underlying common risks and protective factors for multiple forms of violence.

Green Dot

4. It is mandatory for Airmen, both military and civilians: Green Dot consolidated some of the required and annual briefings for Airmen and shortened the amount of time they spend doing it. Though it is mandatory, only Airmen can choose to internalize what they learn and put it into practice.

5. Obviously, the name came from seeing green and red dots on a map: Red dots represent an incident involving violence, while green dots represent counteractions against or to prevent them.

6. There are two types of classes: Individuals who have not taken Green Dot training before must take the initial class; the refresher class is for Airmen who have completed the training before.

7. Prevention starts with us: Through Green Dot training, everyone is empowered to actively intervene when an issue arises–recognize the warning signs; understand the barriers to intervening; intervene by directing, delegating or distracting; and strengthen the protective factors

Information courtesy of Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs and 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs