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U.S. Air Force Academy -- (U.S. Air Force photo/Trevor Cokley)
Around the Terrazzo: Summer Highlights From the Academy

Learning and development does not stop during the summer months at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Programs focus on taking cadets beyond the classroom. From learning vital survival skills to participating in space-related experiences, cadets have boundless opportunities in the summer to expand their horizons.

As the Class of 2022 tossed their caps in the air and commenced a new journey in the Air Force and Space Force, the Class of 2026 began a new adventure as they entered the Academy to start Basic Cadet Training. Once our newest cadets complete the physical rigors of the Jacks Valley training environment, they will be formally accepted into the Cadet Wing.

Read about the latest Academy events:

Graduation 2022

The Class of 2022 triumphantly ended their Academy journey on May 25, 2022. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III delivered the commencement address to 973 graduates. Each graduate of the Academy receives not only a Bachelor of Science degree but also an officer commission into the Air Force or Space Force. Per tradition, the ceremony concluded with the roar of the Air Force Thunderbirds over Falcon Stadium as our graduates jubilantly tossed their caps into the air.


Basic Cadet Training

The Class of 2026 reported to the Academy on June 25, 2022, for Basic Cadet Training. The six-week mentally and physically grueling program is the first milestone in a cadet’s career, marking the transition from civilian to military life. The program is cadet-led as upper-class cadets plan and execute all phases of military training for the incoming class.


Summer space program

The Academy’s inaugural Azimuth program raised the bar for undergraduate space education. Offering zero-gravity flights, neutral buoyancy training as well as rocket engine design and launch, Azimuth provides a comprehensive introduction to space operations. The program augments the 29 space-related academic courses already offered during the academic year.


Trained to survive

Cadets learn to survive in austere environments during Combat Survival Training. Trainees learn vital skills such as medical care, food preparation, aircraft signaling and navigation—all of which are essential for survival when service members are isolated in the field. Cadet instructors gained valuable leadership experiences under the guidance of Air Force survival specialists.


Falcon spirit mark

The Academy unveiled its new spirit mark this June, emphasizing its commitment to developing leaders of character for the Air Force and Space Force. The new spirit mark is our official expression of spirit. Symbolism incorporated into the design includes V-shaped wings to emphasize our swiftness and power as well as a single bolt, facing right, to represent one unified Academy striking forward into the future.


Harvey wraps up training

Rising Air Force volleyball junior Joi Harvey wrapped up training with the 2022 U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team (WCNT). Harvey was the first Air Force player to be selected to the WCNT and just the second to be invited to a USA Volleyball summer program. The Women’s Collegiate National Team featured 38 of the country’s top collegiate women’s volleyball players and a seven-member coaching staff that included three Olympic medalists and two others with Olympic coaching experience.

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