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Thinking about a medical career?

Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)

Air Force medical personnel


The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) oversees the application process of cadets into military health career fields.

We can send graduates directly into professional schools for medical, dental, nursing, physician assistance, physical therapy, social work, and clinical psychology training. We also can send graduates directly into the bioenvironmental engineering, public health, and hospital administration career fields.

Health Professions Career From

The United States Air Force Academy

Dream of being a physician?
If your dream is to serve your country as a health professional in the United States Air Force, you can achieve that dream through hard work, perseverance, and attending the United States Air Force Academy.

More Information:
HPAC is located within the Department of Biology. Advisors are located within various academic departments.

The United States Air Force Academy has sent cadets directly to medical school since 1962.

In addition to medical school, cadets may apply to dental and nursing schools, and careers in the allied health fields that include physician assistant, physical therapist, and clinical psychologist.

Health Professions Advisory Committee

For over a decade, the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) has overseen the application process of cadets into military health career fields.

We provide specialized advising, briefings, workshops and more, all designed to assist cadets interested in a health professional career in the Air Force.

Acceptance Rates

We have some of the highest acceptance rates of any institution of higher learning in the country. U.S. Air Force Academy cadets are recognized as leaders of character.

5 Year Acceptance Rates
Medical 91%
Dental 90%
Nursing 100%
Physical Therapy 72%
Physician Assistant 92%

All cadets interested in applying to a health profession must be approved by the Academy.

Cadets must meet minimum requirements as set by the Air Force and the Academy. Minimum requirements vary by career and can include: GPA, prerequisite courses, and academic major. Additionally, the needs of the Air Force always take precedence.

An additional commitment to serve may be required.

Cadets may only apply to approved programs.

Second class cadets are required to interview with HPAC to obtain approval to apply to a health profession. Limited numbers of cadets with approval are eligible for release.

Health Profession Careers

Cadets, if approved, may apply for the following programs for additional training within the Air Force Medical Service:

  • Medical school (MD or DO) – Physician
  • Dental school (DDS or DMD) – Dentist
  • Nursing school (MSN) – Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Physical therapy program (DPT) – Physical Therapist
  • Physician assistant program (MPA) – Physician Assistant
  • Clinical psychology program (PhD) – Clinical Psychologist
  • Social work program (MSW) – Social Worker
  • Bio-environmental Engineer
  • Public Health Officer
  • Hospital Administrator
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I see the minimum GPA requirement. Is that number sufficient?

    For many of the careers, the minimum GPA requirement is NOT sufficient. Many of the careers have a much higher realistic GPA target to make you a competitive candidate. Shoot high!

  • What should I focus on as I start the hunt for a health profession slot?

    First and foremost, focus on maintaining good grades, especially in your science classes. Volunteer to help others in ways that you are passionate about. Be a leader within the squadron and score well on the standardized test. Come talk to the HPAC advisors and participate in the events. Also, find a mentor and shadow health professionals in a hospital or clinic.

  • Are there required classes?

    YES! And they vary greatly between the programs. Talk to an HPAC advisor and read the career specific FAQ for the career you are interested in.

  • Any other requirements?

    Yes. All cadets must be in good standing and not on any type of probation. In addition, the needs of the Air Force always take precedence and in no way is the Academy or the Air Force obligated to allow you apply. These guidelines, requirements, and allowances may change (and have changed in the past!).

    Some career fields have other requirements, such as volunteering/shadowing hours. See career specific FAQs.

  • I heard something about “flex” slots?

    We can send up to 6 additional cadets into any career field, with permission of that career field. So if we have a few extra cadets than number of slots, we may be able to allow them to apply.

  • What are the “hoops”?

    You will first need to gain the Superintendent’s approval before you are officially a candidate because you must be given permission to be released from the Line of the Air Force.

    Briefly, here is how the selection process works. In the spring of your 2° year, the HPAC will interview you and look at your GPA, MPA, and extra-curricular activities. Based on that information they’ll recommend “yea or nay” to the Superintendent. If approved, you may then start the process of applying to the professional school or the career field.

  • This opportunity sounds like a great deal, how do I get started?

    Contact HPAC at DFBI.HPAC@afacademy.af.edu. Be sure to check out http://www.airforce.com/healthcare.